Friday, February 20, 2009

World will be different after the recession?

A lot will have changed; more regulations, old respected companies disappearing, fresh business models booming, marketing and branding changing through co-creation, viral marketing, community/consumer power?

Agile virtual networks of companies and individuals will boom: why buy an office/factory and hire 1,000 people when you can do the same - or more in a flexible network?

Could be that one common nominator will be adaptability? Building new businesses that have a minimum of fixed costs, yet the capability to scale up rapidly. Moving brands instead of fixed ideas? Integrator-role might become dominant, pursuing solution-driven offerings that can be rapidly adjusted to user needs on the fly.

Sustainability will grow in importance; not only ecology, but social and financial aspects as well.

And people will once again try and build models that would never be hit by another recession again. The next recession will eventually hit people by surprise after some years. But in between, there is going to be an interesting phase of growth; will it focus on financial growth alone - or growth of meaning as well?


  1. I agree. There will be a lot of changes in many fields of business. Sustainability will be one key element to add to the points above

    There is a good article about the changes in car industry after the recession:

  2. And what about open innovation - the new start-ups will have an edge as they can exploit the new paradigm where the old companies still hesitate and keep thinking they can innovate alone...

  3. Just look at the companies now - they do not get it. Most do not UNDERSTAND open innovation at all.