Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Design Thinking helps when the economy poses new challenges

by Mikko Kämäräinen

Design Thinking is gaining more popularity among companies wanting to refocus their strategies around end-customers. Cutting costs is obvious - but to keep innovating cost-effectively at the same time is the key to turn the challenges into new opportunities. Understanding real user needs and being able to innovate end-customer value, then test it before going too far in development is crucial as companies face an economically demanding era.
Move On! magazine by Fintra featured a case story about Design Thinking in issue 04/2008. You can download the article (in Finnish).

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  1. Can't read it. It's in Finnish... Translation?

  2. Taantumassa tai jossain muussa
    epäjatkuvuuskohdassa piilee usein
    mahdollisuus tehdä asioita toisin,
    muistuttaa Mikko Kämäräinen.

    Totta. Mutta kuinka moni firma on rohkea ja tekee mitään? Suurin osa supistaa ja vetäytyy kuoreensa...


  3. Most companies have been laying off people and cutting resources from innovation. They will pay as Chinese and other companies will create the next wave of innovations.