Friday, December 5, 2008

Industry engines.

by Hannes Seeberg

What are the development opportunities for Estonian manufacturing industries? What are the upcoming global manufacturing trends for the year 2018? What should the industries concentrate at?

These were the main questions discussed at The Manufacturing Forum, a high-level public culmination event of Estonian Development Fund´s foresight project "Industry Engines 2018", held on December 2nd in Tallinn. Hannes Seeberg, Managing Director of Provoke Tallinn, was one of the 150 invited industry quests, together creating a preliminary vision of Estonian manufacturing industry with a 10 year perspective.

The outcome: there are two potential areas for global market, where Estonian manufacturing has opportunities:

energy-saving and environmentally friendly products;
products for healthcare and well-being sectors.

As we in Provoke see it - there is a future need for products, that are produced using less energy and materials, are energy- and cost-effective during their life-cycle - yet add great value for their users.

Speakers for the event were prof. Richard K. Lester (MIT Industrial Performance Center, USA), Antti Herlin (KONE Corporation, Finland), Siim Sikkut (Estonian Development Fund), Mr Joe Harford (Chairman of High Level Group of Manufacturing, Ireland). Day-long event ended with a reception by Mr Juhan Parts (minister of economic affairs and communications in Estonia).

videocasts and presentation materials (both available in English and Estonian).

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  1. I think these trends are global...
    But what about specifically Estonian opportunities? Costs have risen, so it should be something new.