Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friends working together.

Since beginning of the Spring, Provoke Tallinn is located inside of the creative house of Niine 11 (see the map) - our partner Velvet is sharing their work space with us.

Velvet (www.velvet.ee) is an award-winning Estonian design, branding and advertising agency who´s clients are public organizations and the biggest companies. Velvet Creative Alliance containes 8 companies varying from graphic design,animation, internet marketing to IT solutions, professional photography and production.

We have been good partners since 2008 and soon we are about to start offering joint service products to our customers. More info coming soon!

Provoke Tallinn´s contact information stays same:
Tel. +372 53 333 588

New address:
Provoke Tallinn OÜ
Niine 11
10414 Tallinn

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