Friday, September 3, 2010

Future foresight.

During the spring 2010 Hannes Seeberg from Provoke Tallinn was a core team member at creating four future scenarios for Estonian Growth Vision 2018. This future foresight project of Estonian Development Fund seeks to create a shared vision about the possible sources of economic growth for Estonia in the rapidly-changing world.

The "outside-in" scenarios were created together with 35 mapped experts and opinion leaders. Three workshops were hold by Global Business Network, who provided us valuable information about the key global driving forces, critical uncertainties and systemtic tools to create stories of four possible futures of Estonia. The results were presented to 150 deciders from the government and busienssisses on 6th of May at the Future Forums 3.

The scenarios were needed to understand, how external environment affects Estonia and where we choose to play. The vision for 2018, which acts as a strategic intent for socio-economic development, will be built on that insight and co-created together with Estonian citizens. Project is still on-going and will be ready by the end of this year.

Provoke will use these scenarios as a tool in creating future-oriented strategies and new values for Estonian organizations.

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