Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Design for behavior change.

Now this is interesting - I just read articles by IDEO and Frog Design where both of them are discussing about Design for Behavior Change as the new direction for design. I´ve been thinking about this too since Spring, but with one major difference. When IDEO´s stance is to create tools to help users solve their own problems via design, I am thinking how to create tools and methods to help users to understand the origin of their problems. This is why my question is set before the creation of new: what if there is no problem? What if users can realize that their real need is totally different? And what if solution is just a change in their own behavior?

The future is going to be different, since we will be challenged by many global and local forces that have an affect on the quality of our life. I see the advanced version of Design for Behavior Change to be an excellent mindset for healthcare, aging population and use of energy.


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